My company is a joint venture Viet Nam_Japan corporation.

We are specializes in produces and manufacture machanics prosuces correct in every detail.

It help us apply is assemble industry, electronics producses and major orther relate concerned. With force engineering staff and manager have high professional, factory hard workers training from other country has made great in very aspect (Most of Japan).

We have to work on collaboration with others oversea foreign experts had lots of experience on this area from Japan, we would like to introduce ourselves as exporters of processed produce mechanics having a considerable amount of experience in foreign trade and we are interested in extending our marker to include European countries.

More and more wonderfun machines age, to import machinery 100% from Japan.


O.N Precision Co., Ltd

O.N Precision Co., Ltd

CAM Machine
CAM Machine
CNC Machine
CNC MachineCNC Machine
Auxiliary Machine
Measuring Machine

Thank you very much!

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