Objectives and Quality Policy

O.N Precision Co., Ltd commitment is always to offer products and services in accordance with customer requirements. We have always regarded the quality of products and services is the primary responsibility to achieve.

Quality Goals – O.N Precision Co., Ltd:

100% timely meet delivery schedules
Ensure 100% machine maintenance schedule.
Ensure no more than 2 of Customer complaints in 01 months.

Quality Policy – O.N Precision Co., Ltd:

Construction, application, maintenance and continuous improvement of quality management system according to international standards ISO 9001: 2015 for foundation construction on the way to a culture of long-term quality.
Human resource development through maintaining the training improve management and professional work for every job position in the company. Create an environment for people to contribute and maximize the creative capacity for long-term growth and sustainability of the company.

Strengthen the unity of the whole company, and gradually improve the living conditions of workers.
Improve productivity – and make good quality content for Safe Work in the company.
Promote research and market expansion, improving the competitiveness of the company in the marketplace.
The customer is the focus of development, product quality is the launch pad of the business success.

Environmental objectives – O.N Precision Co., Ltd:

100% of raw materials, raw materials are RoHS satisfied. In order to ensure their products fully met the requirements and standards of the Customer.

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